JOIN US: New GCRF African SWIFT knowledge-sharing seminar

We are pleased to welcome you to this rescheduled GCRF African SWIFT knowledge-sharing seminar organised jointly with GCRF-AFRICAP and in collaboration with Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS): The role of information in climate change adaptation in rural Africa: Pilot research in two communities in rural Kenya This collaboration between UK and Kenyan researchers … Continue Reading

The Ghanaian users’ policy brief is ready!

The Ghanaian users’ policy brief presents the main key lessons learned from the first national workshop on the needs of users “How to support users’ understanding and use of climate and weather services in Ghana” hold in Accra on 8th – 9th November 2018. The workshop focused on: Identifying key meteorological hazards for different sectors. … Continue Reading

An African perspective on climate change

There are only a handful of African scholars conducting world-class research in meteorology and climate change – and Dr Benjamin Lamptey is one of them. As a contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), his international reputation is well-established. His move to Leeds as a Cheney Fellow has given the University a highly-respected … Continue Reading

African SWIFT 2019 Round-up Newsletter is out!

Along 2019 the SWIFT team was very active and worked very hard with its partners to achieve the project aims. In order to share all the activities and news with SWIFT stakeholders, we prepared a Round-up Newsletter with a compilation of the most relevant actions and events implemented during 2019. It also has a section … Continue Reading

Heavy Rainfall and Tropical Cyclones affect East Africa

Prepared by Caroline Wainwright, Declan Finney, John Marsham, David Koros, Linda Hirons This year’s short rains over East Africa have been extremely wet, with some regions receiving more than double their usual rainfall. This has led to a constant stream of news stories on heavy rainfall, floods and landslides from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia and … Continue Reading