The storm chasers making life-saving forecasts

Weather forecasters in Africa are getting access to satellite data that will allow them to track the path and severity of developing storms – and reduce the death toll from extreme weather events. An initiative called African SWIFT has enabled meteorologists to make accurate, hour-by-hour forecasts as severe weather approaches, a technique known as ‘nowcasting’ – very-short-range … Continue Reading

East Africa faces triple crisis of COVID-19, locusts and floods

New article by SWIFT team member John Marsham explains the impacts that flooding of Lake Victoria in Kenya and locusts have on vulnerable populations, especially in the time of COVID-19. A year of exceptional rainfall, floods and locust outbreaks is decreasing the resilience of vulnerable populations in East Africa just at the time of the … Continue Reading

Inaugural testbed guides future of nowcasting in Africa

African SWIFT’s inaugural testbed was the first event of its kind in Africa, bringing together operational forecasters and researchers to forecast African weather patterns in real time. The testbed was conducted in early 2019 from an operational forecasting office in Nairobi at the Kenya Meteorological Department. Designed to support SWIFT’s programme of research capability-building in … Continue Reading

February seminar: The role of information in climate change adaptation in rural Africa

We were excited to welcome Dr Chris Paterson (Media and Communications, University of Leeds) and Dr Lata Narayanaswamy (POLIS, University of Leeds) to lead our February seminar, hosted jointly with fellow GCRF programme  AFRICAP  and the Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS). Focusing on work funded by the university’s quality-related Global Challenges Research Fund allocation, Drs Paterson … Continue Reading

Desert Locust Swarms – East Africa

East Africa is currently experiencing its worst outbreak of locusts in decades, with large swarms spreading south across 14 Kenyan counties. A multi-institutional technical team, comprising of members from more than 18 Kenyan and international agencies, has recently been formed to discuss management of the current locust situation in Kenya. David Koros, from the Kenya … Continue Reading