JOIN US: New GCRF African SWIFT knowledge-sharing seminar

Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Macharia on Unsplash

We are pleased to welcome you to this rescheduled GCRF African SWIFT knowledge-sharing seminar organised jointly with GCRF-AFRICAP and in collaboration with Leeds University Centre for African Studies (LUCAS):

The role of information in climate change adaptation in rural Africa: Pilot research in two communities in rural Kenya

This collaboration between UK and Kenyan researchers seeks to use a multi-site, quasi-ethnographic approach to develop nuanced understandings of how the local information ecosystem operates in rural Kenyan communities, and the resultant effects on local women’s ability to combine indigenous and externally-sourced knowledge in their engagement with, and pursuit of, climate change adaptation activities.

When: 10 February 2020 13:00-14:30 London (UTC+00:00).

Location: Worsley Seminar Room 8.34a or via webinar. Please register for the event here 

Guest speakers

Dr Lata Narayanaswamy

Lecturer in International Development @School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds

Dr Lata Narayanaswamy is Lecturer in International Development in the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) and Co-Deputy Director, Centre for Global Development (CGD) at the University of Leeds. Since 2001 Lata has worked as a research practitioner, consultant and now lecturer in international development. Her most recent book, Gender, Power and Knowledge-for-Development, raises questions about the essential utility of the knowledge paradigm and its underpinning presumption: that a knowledge deficit exists in the global South, particularly for marginalized women, which may be addressed by improving the supply-side of knowledge without accounting for the specific needs of the knowledge systems being targeted for support.

Dr Chris Paterson

Senior Lecturer in International Communication @School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds

Dr Chris Paterson, Senior Lecturer in International Communication at the University of Leeds’ School of Media and Communication researches global journalism, media and development in Africa. He led the 2019 GCRF funded pilot research on climate change communication in Kenya, upon which this seminar is focused. His recent GCRF project, Aid and Journalism, examined how development aid from foreign powers influences media systems in Africa. Chris is the author of two books and numerous journal articles, and recently co-edited Africa’s Media Image in the 21st Century: From the ‘Heart of Darkness’ to ‘Africa Rising’.



The Ghanaian users’ policy brief is ready!

The Ghanaian users’ policy brief presents the main key lessons learned from the first national workshop on the needs of users “How to support users’ understanding and use of climate and weather services in Ghana” hold in Accra on 8th – 9th November 2018.

The workshop focused on:

  • Identifying key meteorological hazards for different sectors.
  • Exploring the potential for Impact Based Forecasting in Ghana.
  • User-evaluation of current forecast provision with national and regional decision makers.
  • Exploring how the communication of forecast products and tools could be improved.

The policy brief presents the key lessons obtained from the discussions on the above topics grouping them under five themes: i) Impact Based Forecasting, ii) accessibility, iii) communication, iv) public and private collaboration, and v) scientific development. It also presents a series of next steps on how African SWIFT and its partners can address the weather and climate needs for Ghana users.

Download the Policy brief here

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