The publications listed below were supported by UK Research and Innovation as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund, African SWIFT programme, grant number NE/P021077/1.

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Research papers

  • Benjamin Lamptey, Salah Sahabi Abed, Masilin Gudoshava, Joseph Mutemi, Mary-Jane Bopape, Elijah Adesanya Adefisan, Moudi Pascal Igri, Ibrah Seidou Sanda, Ousmane Ndiaye, Douglas J. Parker, Andrew J. Dougill, Andreas H. Fink, Peter Knippertz, Steve Woolnough and Erik W. Kolstad (2024)
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  • Nwamaka Okeke-Ogbuafor1, Andrea Taylor, Andrew Dougill, Selina Stead, Tim Gray (2022)
    Alleviating impacts of climate change on fishing communities using weather information to improve fishers’ resilience. Frontiers in Environmental Science
  • Marian Amoakowaah Osei, Michael Padi, Bashiru Yahaya, Michael Baidu, Emmanuel Quansah, Jeffrey N. A. Aryee, Edmund I. Yamba, Samuel Owusu-Ansah, Leonard K. Amekudzi (2022)
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Publications with SWIFT partners as contributing authors
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