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Development of skills during African SWIFT

Impact of African SWIFT on the skills of participants Developing the skills of weather forecasters was one of the key goals throughout African SWIFT project. Effort was made to track the progress of development of skills across twelve categories at regular intervals throughout the project. During the last Science Meeting, participants were asked to self … Continue Reading

Flying over Lake Victoria: first aircraft observations of the lake–land breeze circulation

By Beth Woodhams for GCRF African SWIFT Flying an aircraft just 30m above the world’s most dangerous lake may sound more like a daredevil stunt than a scientific experiment, but the HyVic pilot flight campaign did just that! Using a special aircraft kitted out with scientific instruments, SWIFT scientists flew over Lake Victoria—a Lake in … Continue Reading

GCRF African SWIFT Legacy Seminars

Closing Seminars Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17 February 2022 From 7th – 18th February 2022, GCRF African SWIFT will bring together scientists from a range of institutions for the final science meeting of the project. This will take place both online and in regional ‘hubs’. The meeting will feature a series of six online seminars … Continue Reading