Recording available: SWIFT Progress keynote address featuring CINSERE, ForPAc & HIGHWAY

Despite lockdown measures and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, on 1 June we kicked off SWIFT Progress: Transforming Weather Forecasting Science in Africa, a month-long series of meetings and webinars that gave our team an opportunity to connect virtually. 

Amid the fascinating presentations, future planning, and creative Zoom backgrounds, we also hosted a keynote session featuring speakers from the Climate Information Services for Increased Resilience and Productivity in Senegal (CINSERE), Forecast-based Preparedness Action (ForPAc) and High Impact Weather Lake System (HIGHWAY) projects.

Held on 2 June, the hour-long session included guest presentations from Dr. Issa Ouedraogo (CINSERE), Emmah Mwangi (ForPAC) and Jim Wilson (HIGHWAY), each sharing key insights in forecasting and climate resilience, including lessons, achievements and pathways forward.

Check out the recording below to learn more about each project. You can also access each speaker’s PowerPoint presentation here: 

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