FASTA: Forecasting African STorms Application

FASTA – the Forecasting African STorms Application – will deliver nowcasting information about severe rainfall to countries in Africa.

Nowcasting uses observations to make more accurate predictions of high impact weather on short timescales. GCRF African SWIFT is pioneering the use of nowcasting in Africa, ensuring that FASTA has a strong scientific underpinning. For more information about nowcasting in the SWIFT project, read this short Expert Views article on nowcasting for Africa.

Learn more about FASTA in the short video below. While the video focuses on the potential benefits of nowcasting specifically for smallholder farmers, we also anticipate large impacts for other sectors across Africa, including transport, marine, energy, and disaster risk management.

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FASTA is being trialled in Kenya in partnership with Kenya Meteorological Department through the GCRF African SWIFT programme. For more information or if you are interested in participating in a trial, contact us at