Sunny skies ahead for SWIFT student: PhD researcher claims Royal Meteorological Society award

By Lauren Phillips, University of Leeds It’s sunny skies ahead for GCRF African SWIFT-sponsored PhD student Michael Baidu who was recently recognized as an important up-and-coming voice in meteorology. The recognition came after he claimed a prestigious Royal Meteorological Society award at this year’s Student & Early Career Scientists Conference held in June. The two-day … Read more

Recording available: SWIFT Progress keynote address featuring CINSERE, ForPAc & HIGHWAY

Despite lockdown measures and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, on 1 June we kicked off SWIFT Progress: Transforming Weather Forecasting Science in Africa, a month-long series of meetings and webinars that gave our team an opportunity to connect virtually.  Amid the fascinating presentations, future planning, and creative Zoom backgrounds, we also hosted a keynote session … Read more

Lead researchers from CINSERE, ForPAc and HIGHWAY share project insights in African SWIFT webinar

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this year’s science meeting, SWIFT Progress: Transforming Weather Forecasting Science in Africa, is taking place entirely online throughout the month of June. To kick off the annual gathering and to make the most of our new online format, the African SWIFT team is pleased to host a free webinar on … Read more

The storm chasers making life-saving forecasts

Weather forecasters in Africa are getting access to satellite data that will allow them to track the path and severity of developing storms – and reduce the death toll from extreme weather events. An initiative called African SWIFT has enabled meteorologists to make accurate, hour-by-hour forecasts as severe weather approaches, a technique known as ‘nowcasting’ – very-short-range … Read more

East Africa faces triple crisis of COVID-19, locusts and floods

New article by SWIFT team member John Marsham explains the impacts that flooding of Lake Victoria in Kenya and locusts have on vulnerable populations, especially in the time of COVID-19. A year of exceptional rainfall, floods and locust outbreaks is decreasing the resilience of vulnerable populations in East Africa just at the time of the … Read more